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Robin Frei

Welcome to my Website! My name is Robin and I live in Antigo, WI with my Husband Steve and 3 kids, we have a pretty crazy life!

When I first started with Uppercase Living 7 years ago, I was a Stay at home Mom that really needed a night out once in awhile. I believed I was selling vinyl, that I knew could really transform a room. Today, I know I am offering so much more. Yes, we are offering wall vinyl, but we are also offering inspiration, hope, motivation, an affirmation, a blessing, an uplifting thought to many people in many places. Today Uppercase Living vinyl is in homes, business, hospitals, churches, schools and shelters, offering an inspiring word, and helping to brighten someone's day.

I offer traditional parties, office parties, project/craft parties, wedding and business consultations and more. Feel free to contact me for any of your vinyl lettering needs.

I also offer a tremendous opportunity to have your very own business. I would love to sit down and chat with you about our opportunity over coffee, or if you are further away we can do a phone call. We are looking for more demonstrators, we are not market saturated.

Feel free to text or call me 608-797-7538 or email wordsforyourwalls@hotmail.com if you have any questions on our vinyl, hosting a party or becoming a demonstrator.

Live a Life Inspired!

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